Brief History

The College of Computer Science and Information Technology was established at the University of Al-Qadisiyah on May 26, 2008, with two scientific departments and with great interest by the University of Al-Qadisiyah to support modern technology and its pioneers, especially information technology due to its importance in most aspects of modern life. The college continued to update its curricula and scientific structure and went through a continuous change in the number and quality of the scientific departments and the general orientations of the college until the adoption of the technological orientation of computer systems and information systems in the year 2012. After the year 2012, the departments of computer science and information technology were settled, and the college is still continuing to create scientific competencies through its scientific departments and teams, and to provide the country with its scientific professions in various fields of information technology. Since its establishment, the college has been consolidating the model educational environment that achieves efficient performance and educational quality in higher education and scientific research. The college hosted many scientific forums and conferences. The college also initiated the development of postgraduate programs in the year 2019-2020 to provide postgraduate degrees in the field of computer science and information systems, which contributes effectively to supplying the scientific competencies of the Middle Euphrates and Iraq. The college also has evening undergraduate studies programs, which were launched in the year 2017-2018

 College Vision

   The College of Computer Science and Information Technology seeks to be leading and distinguished in the field of teaching and learning through a partnership relationship with the community.

 College Strategy

   The College of Computer Science and Information Technology offers distinguished educational programs in the field of information technology through internationally accredited programs that can provide the community with scientific competencies in the college’s specializations and qualify to achieve excellence in the labor market.

 College Objectives

1- The college seeks to provide a suitable work environment and develop the capabilities and skills of the college’s educational and administrative staff.

2- Providing the community with highly qualified specialists in the field of computer science and information technology who are able to deal with various specialized problems.

3- Work on the continuous development and improvement of educational and research scientific quality within regional and international standards.

4- Develop postgraduate studies and scientific research to serve the community and work on the transfer of global technology and its applications.

5- Developing of the college to ensure the quality of education and obtain academic accreditation during the next few years by developing the institutional capacity and educational effectiveness of the college.

6- Providing distinguished advisory, training and educational services to the beneficiaries.

7- Developing relations and exchanging experiences with the corresponding faculties in various local and international universities.

8- Strengthening the partnership between the college and the community.

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