Department Vision

Excellence in graduating distinguished students in order to keep pace with the specialized and modern fields of knowledge in information technology, as well as preparing and developing expertise in the field of computer information systems and disseminating its uses as an effective tool for human development in the knowledge society within the application of accreditation and quality standards.

Department Strategy

1- Commitment to international standards and levels in computer information systems.

2- Enable students to locate, use and evaluate knowledge and information.

3- Providing the most modern educational tools and educational services capable of graduating outstanding graduates in the field of computer information systems.

4- Keep up with progress and development in the field of information systems and focus on the requirements of the electronic market.

5- Preparing graduates who are able to compete locally and internationally in the field of electronic commerce and electronic business.

6- Providing students with the necessary knowledge and applications to develop high quality software for the industrial environment.

7- Providing strong and solid knowledge in the field of information systems and web technologies.

Department Objectives

1- Providing an information technology learning environment that enables students to learn and interact.

2- Providing an educational system that helps students build their knowledge and skills.

3- Integration of theoretical and practical qualities through software development to fill the needs of the software industry.

4- Focusing on the quality of graduate students and their ability to self-learning and e-learning.

5- Presenting integrated solutions related to the problems related to the local community, especially through small projects inside the market and graduation projects.

Graduates description

1- Having the ability to analyze and design information systems

2- Having the ability to develop information systems.

3- Having the ability to develop strategies and manage information systems.

4- Having the ability to keep up with the labor market

5- The information systems graduate combines high technology skills through information technology courses (database management, networks, database programming, different programming languages) and distinguished administrative skills through administrative courses through human resources, strategic management and decision-making.

6- Having the ability to build and manage various systems such as GIS